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By Jake Coburn

One of Section 8’s capos leading on the crowd. Dan Perlea/

With flags waving and people chanting “fire,” all of the groups meshed into one supporters section behind the goal at Toyota Park to take on Chicago’s rival, the Columbus Crew.

Since Section 8 is a mixture of Fire fans that may identify with a different name, their chants did not involve the name of their supporters group like we have seen in other cities. The chants were purely regarding the Chicago Fire and rooting for them to come out on top.



By Jake Coburn


Chicago Fire supporters tailgating before their last match against the Columbus Crew. Dan Perlea/

Section 8 cannot be defined as one group or one identity, but rather, they are a melting pot of smaller groups and cultures that share one common thread: They bleed for the Chicago Fire.

“Section 8 is the umbrella organization,” said the Director of Communications Dan Martin, “no one can say what to do.”


By Evan Ream

The Davis Graduate is the prime spot to watch big-time soccer matches, such as Euro 2012, in Davis, Calif. Dan Perlea/

Between our games in Los Angeles and our upcoming game in Seattle, MLS Road Trip stopped in my hometown: Davis, Calif.

We watched the Euro 2012 games at the Davis Graduate, one of the sports bars that was made famous by this video of fans reacting to Landon Donovan’s goal against Algeria (seen at 2:08 and 4:40).

Even though I moved to Oregon, “The Grad” is still my favorite place to watch a game; I have yet to come across a bar in Northern California that is more accommodating to soccer fans.

Soccer & Lifestyle is the only place to buy professional soccer gear in Davis, Calif. Dan Perlea/

After the game, we visited Soccer & Lifestyle, the only shop in Davis devoted exclusively to selling soccer gear. Ever since Davis’ own Jalil Anibaba turned pro, Soccer & Lifestyle has been selling a large number of Chicago Fire jerseys.

If you are ever in Davis, I recommend checking out both of these places. Join us tomorrow as Jake recaps his stadium tour of JELD-WEN Field.

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