Fan Tattoo Gallery

How far would you go to support your team? Would you go as far as to permanently mark yourself with art depicting that team? We are looking for people that have. Getting a tattoo shows that you will be a fan for your life and you want everyone to know it.

Do you have a tattoo of your favorite team or know someone that does? If we are going to your city, contact us and we would love to shoot it.

Dan Perlea/

Name: Patrick Stanton

Team: Chicago Fire

Location:Left bicep

Meaning:  My tattoo is a take on the city of Chicago flag. The two blue bars stand for the north/south branch of the river and lake Michigan. In the city flag, their are four six-pointed red starts standing for the fort Dearborn massacre, the great Chicago fire, 1904 World’s Fair and a century of progress expedition; but I was not alive for any of those. And to me, the thing that truly keeps me still living in Chicago is the passion and love I share with my extended FIRE family. It’s placement was to be visible when I extend my passion for the Fire on to others in the capo stand.

photo courtesy of Heaven Salcedo

Name: Jose Salcedo aka “Rey Misterio”

Team: Chivas USA

Location: Left and right calves

Meaning: One of the founders of the Union Ultras, Chivas USA’s first supporter group. I’ve been supporting Chivas USA since day one. Chivas is in my blood, always loyal and always faithful. The top hat with skull is the Union Ultras Logo. We are not only a futbol supporter group: We are a family

photo courtesy of Jose Salcedo

Name: Thomas “Truhero” Trujillo

Team: Chivas USA

Location: Left arm

Meaning: I like the rest of the Union Ultras bleed Chivas USA! I am proud to say that for my knowledge this is the first Chivas USA tattoo (Jan. 11). We are here for one reason only, to Support Chivas USA! We are proud of our diversity and wave a national flag representing every player on our roster. Always Faithful, Always Supporting Chivas USA!

Dan Perlea/

Name: Andy Jimenez

Team: Chivas USA

Location: Left forearm

Meaning: I’m going to carry [this tattoo] with me until I die. It’s more than a team: It’s a family. I drive from San Diego [to watch Chivas USA play] each game. It’s great for the community.

Dan Perlea/

Name: Manuel “Noño” Baldivia

Team: Chivas USA

Location: Left calf

Meaning: It represents something, not just as a supporters group. The first thing that comes into my mind in the morning is Chivas USA and the Black Army. We accept everyone. We don’t want to be Chivas de Guadalajara’s little brother.

Evan Ream/

Name: Matt Ream

Team: U.S. Soccer

Location: Upper back and left bicep

Meaning: This was my first tattoo. I got this on my 20th birthday in 2006, shortly after the U.S. went out of the World Cup. Like any other U.S. fan, I was upset, but decided to show my support for the team. I was and still am very proud of this tattoo because it symbolizes the love I have for my national team. 

Evan Ream/

 This was my second and only other tattoo (so far). I got this in February of 2007, shortly after coming back from knee surgery. At the time, Nike had this “Don’t Tread On Me” advertising campaign, which referenced the formation of the US as an independent nation from under England’s rule. I thought that this was an extremely cool concept, so I had the tattoo artist (who also did my brother’s most recent tattoo) draw out his own interpretation of the Nike version. Again, this tattoo symbolizes my love for US Soccer.

photo courtesy of Cour Vest

Name: Stephen Stone

Team: FC Dallas

Location: Right Forearm

Meaning: Tattoo was done by a friend and fellow FC Dallas supporter and it is a reminder of all the games I went to as a child (then the Dallas Burn) with my Aunt and Mother who passed. Both passed of breast cancer in 2011.

photo courtesy of Stephanie Kay Neuerburg

Name: Evan Ream

Team: U.S. Soccer

Location: Right Foot

Meaning: After the 2010 FIFA World Cup, I finally decided to get my long-awaited US Soccer tattoo. I wanted to get it on my foot, the right one in particular because the only thing I use my left foot for when I play is planting. The whole crest wouldn’t fit into that location so I opted for the old-school half-crest.


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