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By Jake Coburn

Barra Brava is one of MLS’s oldest true supporters groups. Dan Perlea/

As far as supporters groups go, Barra Brava is one of the oldest groups and has been credited as the first real supporters group to bring in chants and different tifo to Major League Soccer.



By Evan Ream

This corner of RFK Stadium features D.C. United’s premier tifo-making supporters group: the District Ultras. Dan Perlea/

It is the 77th minute of a D.C. United vs. Impact de Montreal game. It is over 100 degrees despite being slightly overcast. D.C. United is winning 2-0 in a thoroughly dominating performance.

All of a sudden, it starts to rain. Fans on the other side of the stadium head for the exit. But not on this side. Not the District Ultras. The rain only makes them sing louder:

“If I had the wings of an eagle

If I had the ass of a crow

I’d fly over Montreal

And shit on the bastards below

Shit on, shit on!

Shit on the bastards below!”

Srdan Bastaic, the president of the District Ultras, picks up a 30-foot high black, white and red flag and waves it three or four times before putting it down, almost hitting the VIP section in the process.

“Sounds like we’re losing 3-0,” says Bastaic in a Croatian accent.

“Well they did threaten to arrest the entire section,” responds another member of the group referring to the illegal smoke bombs that were lit after each goal. (more…)