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By Jake Coburn

Jeld-Wen Field, the home of the Portland Timbers, hosted MLS Road Trip for a private tour. Jake Coburn/

As the crew headed north to our next stop in Seattle, part of the team branched off to spend a few hours in Portland to check out the Timbers stadium, Jeld-Wen Field.While looking over the field at Jeld-Wen, you could feel the presence of the fans and the support this city has for its football club despite the stadium being completely deserted.

The crew continued to walk around the field enjoying the experience of seeing where one of the loudest supporters groups sits. Dark clouds began to cover the stadium; the rain started to fall like a typical Portland afternoon.

The stands where some of MLS’s loudest fans live. Jake Coburn/

As the sound of the rain hitting the empty seats continued, the team headed out to leave for Seattle after a quick stop at the team store located just inside of Jeld-Wen. According to a Timbers employee, the Timbers are rumored to get another new third kit along with their new kits next year.A special thanks to Timbers FC for letting the MLS Road Trip crew hang you with in Jeld-Wen. (Saw Danny Mwanga!)

Editor’s note: Don’t worry, Portland. MLS Road Trip will be back later this summer. The whole team will be attending the Aug. 5 match between the Timbers and FC Dallas.

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