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By Evan Ream

The Angel City Brigade cheers on their Galaxy. Dan Perlea/

Sometimes, things don’t turn out as you plan them. Sometimes, people go above and beyond to help others out of the kindness of their hearts. Yesterday, we experienced both.

The plan was to for me to go to the Angel City Brigade tailgate and sit with them during the game. At the same time, Jake Coburn was going to go to the Timbers Army tailgate then sit with them during the game.

We arrived about an hour and a half before game time to find that the Timbers Army were not situated in Lot 11 at the Home Depot Center as we had thought they were going to be. Instead, they were having a joint tailgate with the Angel City Brigade. Perfect.

I found Jason “Pox” Crosson, one of ACB’s capos. For the Angel City Brigade, support is about city first, club second. “I hate Chivas from the bottom of my heart but we want to bring a supporters’ culture to L.A.” Crosson said. (more…)