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By Evan Ream

MLS Road Trip crew and friends with Golazo employees. Dan Perlea/

It is impossible to be a soccer fan in the Pacific Northwest and not know what Golazo Energy is. Golazo, which means “beautiful goal” in Spanish is the self-proclaimed, “passion brand for soccer,” a two-year-old company that makes and distributes all-natural energy and hydration drinks in the Cascadia region.


By Jake Coburn

Seattle on a rare sunny day. Dan Perlea/

While covering the fan support in Seattle, the team took some time to check out the city, which landed them in the middle of Pike Place Public Market located right off the Elliott Bay waterfront.

Pike Place Public Market in downtown Seattle. Dan Perlea/

After a quick walk through the market, the crew stopped to eat at a small restaurant nearby called Pike Place Bar and Grill. After a few laughs, some beer and a rather large amount of Belgian Waffles consumed by one member, the team returned to Pike Place to see one of the more famous attractions in the market: the tossing of a fish.

As the team stood in front of the fish market waiting for someone to purchase a fish, we were surrounded by people hoping to see the same thing. A small group began to chant, “Throw that fish, throw that fish,” as one of the workers jokingly responded, “Be quiet!” as he walked by laughing.

After a few minutes of standing around, a customer finally purchased a fish and the moment everyone had been waiting for was about to happen. Little kids pushed their way to the front hoping to get a glimpse of the action.

The worker took his position on the other side of the counter holding the three-foot long halibut, ready to toss it. After a perfect throw and catch, the spectators let out a cheer as the noise level of the market rose. The workers continued with their job along with the MLS Road Trip crew, as they left for their next destination: Golazo Energy.

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