Credit: Dan Perlea

The MLS Road Trip is a journalism project geared towards exploring, understanding and sharing the soccer culture in the United States and Canada through daily pictures, video and writing in one 51-day trip. Most of what we cover has to directly do with soccer fans and the soccer experience in our young but great league; however, we will also talk about the food, culture, landmarks or anything else cool that we see in the 12 major cities that we will be visiting. As our disclaimer on the left says, we are simply reporting what we see just as you would see it in the real world, uncensored. We hope that our experience inspires you to embark on your own soccer pilgrimage, become a fan of the beautiful game or at the very least just attend a game in person. This website is not just for us — it is for you, the fans. The fans are the most important part of the game: without them, it couldn’t exist.

Journalist Bios:


Name: Evan Ream
Age: 22
Hometown: Davis, Calif.
Occupation: Student, Siskiyou Newspaper Sports Editor and unfortunately a part time cafeteria worker as well
Favorite MLS Team: DC United
Favorite Current MLS Player: Chris Pontius
About: I am a fourth-year journalism student at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Ore. My brother, who has been a lifelong fanatic, introduced me to soccer in early 2004 and I have been playing the sport since then as well as writing about it for the last three years. I haven’t missed a USMNT game since the first game I watched on a VHS Recording. I remember seeing Eddie Johnson (now a Sounder!) and Eddie Lewis score in a 2-1 away win against Trindad and Tobago; it was love at first sight. I am very interested in the soccer culture, especially in places where it isn’t as popular, like in our country. I’m hoping that our project will help answer all the questions I have about soccer in this country and Canada for not only me, but for all of our readers as well. I will be doing most of the writing and taking most of the pictures for this website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time, my info is to your left. Thanks for reading!

JakeName: Jake Coburn
Age: 21
Hometown: Grass Valley, Calif.
Occupation: Journalism Student, sports writer for Siskiyou Paper and the Southern Oregon University Athletic Department
Favorite MLS Team: Portland Timbers
Favorite Current MLS Player: Darlington Nagbe
About: Currently working on a degree in Journalism, it has been my dream to become a sports writer. I enjoy just about every sport there is but football would have to be the sport I know the most about. My favorite teams include the San Diego Chargers, the Boston Celtics, and the Oakland A’s. I just recently started following soccer and MLS so I am hoping to figure out my new team during this trip. On the trip I will be doing a bit of everything. As one of the writers, I will bring an opinion as someone who is new to the sport interacting with other diehard fans. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions on what you want to see. Thanks for reading.


Name: Will Robinson
Age: 20
Hometown: Davis, Calif.
Occupation: Student; Neon Tommy associate sports editor
Favorite MLS Team: Sporting Kansas City (This is breaking news)
Favorite Current MLS Player: Juninho
About: I’m a junior at USC (Fight on!) with aspirations of becoming a sportswriter -– the NFL is my favorite sports league and the one I know the most about, although U.S. soccer is my second favorite team. Clint Dempsey is a baller. I watch all the games I can and overact about what happens in friendlies, just like everyone else! I hated soccer for no reason other than I thought it was completely girly. When I saw the U.S. defeat Spain in the Confederations’ Cup, I was in (bandwagon!), and I’m here for good.

Name: Dan Perlea                                                       Age: 33                                                           Occupation: Freelance Photographer                                 Hometown: Bucharest, Romania                                       Favorite MLS Team: San Jose Earthquakes                       Favorite Current MLS Player: Thierry Henry                     About: I graduated in 2003 from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in Dramatic Arts. Aside from the arts, my biggest passion is fotbal (soccer). Having been born in Romania, I have soccer running through my blood. Traveling through Europe, I’ve experienced some intense fan filled cities, but my fondest childhood memory was when I was 12 years old. My parents and I were on vacation in Barcelona. My parents had bought me the Ronald Koeman jersey. As we were admiring the unique architecture when, I suddenly felt a tug on the back of the Barca Jersey. When I turned around to see what it was, I was shocked to see an 90+ year old lady with a walker looking up at my eyes (keep in mind, I was about 4’-5” at the time), giving me two thumbs up, and saying, “Koeman! Koeman!”.  I will never forget that. Here in the US, I have experienced some pretty die-hard fans (mostly for football, having lived in KC for 5 years), but never have I experienced anything like the fandom of futbol in Europe. I am hoping, with this project, we can expose some of the MLS fanatics in various cities and hopefully spread the love and passion for the game.

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  2. Michael F. says:

    Guys, I’m very impressed. Good luck on your trip, I’ll be following along. Found you through a Jay Demerit tweet and am glad I did. As a father of two boys ages 3 and a half and 5 and a half (if I don’t add the ‘half’ they get upset) and a Brazilian wife we are a soccer family through and through. My goal is to take the family on a very similar trip when they are old enough. Trying to plan now for when they have summer vacation in a few years and are old enough to enjoy and remember the trip. Take care, best of luck. We are unfortunately a NY Red Bulls fan but the ownership, GM, and coaches make that hard. Maybe we’ll find a new MLS team?
    : )

    • mlsroadtrip says:

      Glad you found the site, Michael. I hope that our trip can be a guide for yours. You will be able to see the mistakes that we are undoubtably going to make, and not make the same ones. Sorry that you’re a NY fan. I bet it’s tough to follow all the shenanigans that happen over there. I hope you enjoy what we do this summer!

  3. Tisha says:

    Sounds like you guys have a nice little adventure ahead you. I’ll be following along from time to time but will honestly mostly see the info as you update it to Facebook.

    Dan- I hope you have fun. I went to high school with Joe Cannon. He has his own blog now. Here’s the link: http://Www.goalkeeperguru.blogspot.ca/?m=1 in case you want to check it out. He used to play with SJ but is in Vancouver now. You probably already know that though.

    Good luck and have a fantastic time.


  4. supporter2 says:

    Great team, great job! 4-0 for you! Evan, Jake, Will, and Dan – against the rest of the world!

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