Games 5/7: Impact de Montreal vs. Toronto FC/Sporting Kansas City — Ultras Montreal Working To Make Impact

Posted: July 9, 2012 in evan ream, game report, impact de montreal, montreal
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By Evan Ream

Ultras Montreal being led by a capo during a losing effort. Dan Perlea/

In Quebec, the license plates read, “je me souviens”, or, “I remember.” Impact de Montreal fans remember that their group, Ultras Montreal 2002, was formed because of Toronto fans.

In 2001, Toronto brought a bus full of about 60 fans to Montreal for an A-League game (both teams were in the minor leagues at the time). There was no organized support from Montreal to oppose just 60 fans.

Fast forward 11 years, the Ultras Montreal have over 400 season ticket holders, with aspirations to sell out the entire west end one day.

As with any new team though, there are issues. Not everyone “gets it.”


Flares make everything cooler. This time is no exception. Dan Perlea/

It is the second half of one of the Canadian derbies: Toronto FC vs. Montreal. Montreal is losing 1-0, and there is a physical altercation in front of the west goal. The fans start to boo Toronto’s most high-profile player, Torsten Frings, a two-time World Cup veteran for Germany and the scorer of the first goal in this game.

Frings responds to the booing by flipping off the fans despite being within reach of the front row. He turns around and begins to jog back to his side of the field. With his back to the stands, a fan throws a plastic bottle at him. The Ultras are sanctioned, and the next game, there is a 20-foot-tall net in front of the west end.

Christian Bourque, a long-time member of the fan group and one of the group’s decision-makers, tells me that it will take about a year to figure things out. The group is non-violent, but there are a few bad apples in every group.

“We can’t break a bone by insulting them,” says Bourque, “but that would be awesome if we could.”

Bourque tells me that the fan who threw the projectile is known by the group and will not be welcomed back.


“Fuck you ref!”

“Fuck you ref!”

“Fuck you ref!”

The chant goes on for over 10 minutes. The game has just ended. Montreal has just lost to Sporting Kansas City 3-1 in a game that included two controversial penalties for Kansas City.

If you can understand what Ultras Montreal are chanting, they’re not happy. Dan Perlea/

Just as the chant is about to die down, midfielder Collen Warner walks over to the section and gestures for them to keep going.

The Ultras only sing in English when they want the other team or ref to understand.

Despite the addition of the net to the west end, another water bottle is thrown at an opposing player during the game.

When asked about it, Bourque shrugs with a disappointed look on his face. Like he said, it will take a year to figure everything out.

Until then, they will probably maintain a less than stellar reputation around the league. But they won’t care; no other support group understands French anyway.

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  1. nursedude says:

    Great video from Montreal. With the blue and white flags, and fans chanting and singing in French, it could almost be the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille.(Caught a game there once-great ambiance)
    Eating out before or after the game had to be great. Montreal is one of my favorite cities in North America.

  2. Scott Stephen Bell says:

    All those years of French class are finally paying off eh Monsieur Ream? Nicely reporting Mr R.

  3. Person says:

    This is a terrible writeup. Talking more about ancient history and minor incidents(even some that didn’t even happen in 132 like the second bottle), and some pretty lacklustre video at the ends of songs…

    Oh well, thanks for trying.

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