Game 4: Section 8 — Different Supporters Groups, All For One Club

Posted: June 26, 2012 in chicago, game report, jake coburn
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By Jake Coburn

One of Section 8’s capos leading on the crowd. Dan Perlea/

With flags waving and people chanting “fire,” all of the groups meshed into one supporters section behind the goal at Toyota Park to take on Chicago’s rival, the Columbus Crew.

Since Section 8 is a mixture of Fire fans that may identify with a different name, their chants did not involve the name of their supporters group like we have seen in other cities. The chants were purely regarding the Chicago Fire and rooting for them to come out on top.

The flare that was lit under the section made it look super badass. Dan Perlea/

Along with the unique chants, Section 8 had a number of different capos with more personality than we have seen that truly demonstrated the passion these fans have for their team.

Section 8 continued to cheer with enthusiasm despite a red card and goal allowed late in the first half, which could have caused them to quit.

The most impressive display from Section 8 came late in second half around the 81st minute. A group of Polish fans called Husaria lit flares under the bleachers that caused the section to appear like it was actually on fire.

With the smoke and flames rising, a banner was lifted with the message to hate racism, fascism and sexism.

According to a member of Husaria, this banner was made in response to incidents with a few Polish Fire fans that belong to a group that was trying to bring back the old Ultras 98 supporters group. A couple of fans displayed hateful behavior towards others on a bus ride to an away game a few weeks ago.

Husaria wanted to separate themselves from this behavior and be sure that everyone knows they are against this type of behavior.

The display was like nothing we had seen at a game before. The section glowed a vibrant red while the smoked continued to cover the fans as Husaria, and Section 8 overall, demonstrated their true character.

Fireworks after the Fire’s 2-1 victory. Dan Perlea/

As the smoke faded away and the closing minutes of the game passed, Section 8 cheered as the Fire defeated their rival, 2-1.

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  1. Steve says:

    The Soccer was important…but inquiring minds want to know: Did you at least get some Pizza and Ribs in Chicago?(My wife is a native South Sider)

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